3 Weirdest Reasons Why People Go on a Journey

Most of us love travelling just for the sake of discovering some new places or unwinding at picture-perfect destinations. But, what if that is just not enough? People all over the globe have unique bucket lists for travelling. From discovering different animal species all over the world and deciding to smuggle some home, to visiting haunted houses and tasting different coffee brands, the list of weirdest reasons why people go on a trip is never ending.

Weirdest reasons why people go on a trip: Journey Reasons Plane

Visit haunted houses of America

Sure, we have all watched Ghostbusters butt some of us are into discovering paranormal activities worldwide, not just on the big screen. These days, ghost hunting is all the hype. Most places which are considered to be haunted make big money by provoking attention of ghost lovers by immersing them into unexplained situations, and playing strange noises to them. There are some places where you can even spend the night. Go to Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY and do not get surprised if you end up in the room 502. There lives the ghost of nurse who (allegedly) hung herself, after finding out she was pregnant. On the other side, you can tread in the footsteps of your favourite horror film actors. Stephen King’s unsurpassed The Shining has made fans hurl into the Stanley Hotel, and people reported numerous unexplainable events such as hearing invisible children giggling or lights going on and off. This is the place where things really go bump during the night. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, New Orleans is famous for being haunted by pirate Jean Lafitte. This place was once the secret stash of Lafitte’s smuggled things. Some people claimed to have seen the ghost of him staring at them and vanishing completely seconds later.

Weirdest reasons why people go on a trip: haunted houses

Go on a treatment

Holidays are not only for doing good things for your mind, they are all about boosting your body and self-image as well. You can go for a facial surgery in a foreign country because of the lower prices, and you can still explore the sights nearby. Recently, a lot of people have gone crazy about facial rejuvenation clinic in Sydney. Not only do they get to see the wonderful city of Sydney and its picture-perfect sights, but they get a younger looking skin in no time. Everything looks more beautiful in the Land Down Under, and so will you.

Weirdest reasons why people go on a trip: aussie models

Smuggle animals

Loving animals is one thing, but deciding you do not want to leave the foreign country without your new furry fellow is completely another, and it is the next big thing. People all over the world have gone mad about finding secret ways to sneak their new pets past airport officers. Otters seem to be the most interesting animals to the smugglers who can’t help but bring them home. They get stuffed into backpacks, packed into suitcases and even bundled into crates. There are even instances of people who tried to smuggle hummingbirds by keeping them in their pants.

exotic animals

Visiting a holiday destination just for the sake of holiday is old-fashioned. Today, holidaymakers are becoming the weird holiday goers. They fulfill their dreams and follow hobbies. From haunted houses to facial rejuvenation, holidays are all about having the time of your life.

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