3 Things to Learn while on Holiday

There’s nothing quite like spending some downtime on an exotic island with your friends or family, feeling the sun on your skin, enjoying the sand at your feet, and the comforting feeling of the cool ocean spray on a hot day. For those who prefer more of an active holiday like me, however, there are a number of fun and exciting activities and sports that you can learn during your stay too.

Depending on where you choose to spend your next vaycay, your hotel or resort are more than likely to have facilities to accommodate an array of sports and activities (of course, you are more likely to find scuba diving facilities if you go on a beach holiday). To give you some ideas and get you started on your search, I am going to tell you about three different activities and sports I have learned while on holiday over the past three years:

Things to Learn while Travelling: Scuba diving in the Lost Chambers Aquarium, Atlantis, Dubai
Scuba diving in the Atlantis Aquarium, Dubai

3 New Things to Learn while Travelling

Scuba Diving

I never thought I would enjoy diving as much as I do now, and was initially persuaded by a friend while on vacation to Dubai to get my PADI scuba diving qualification. I decided to take the plunge and I completed my qualification at Atlantis, The Palm. I chose to do my diving course at the resort because they offer the opportunity to get qualified in only two days through an introductory course. Once complete, I could then decide whether or not I wanted to pursue diving any further. Once I completed my two day course, I felt so comfortable that my friend and I booked to go out into the open water one afternoon to complete our diving experience in Dubai. Now I have completed my PADI Open Water Course too, and book dives for holidays whenever the opportunity arises.

Things to Learn while Travelling: Palace of the Lost City, Sun City, Northern Province, South Africa
The Palace of the Lost City, Sun City, Northern Province, South Africa

Beach Volleyball

This fun sport can be played both indoors and outdoors, depending on where you would prefer to take part and depending on what facilities your accommodation has to offer. I first got involved in volleyball when I went on holiday to Sun City in South Africa, as they have a manmade beach that includes the likes of a volleyball court. A few people were gathering a team, asking those sitting down and watching to join in. Although I did not learn how to play volleyball professionally, the experience and tips given from the people I played with gave me the confidence to take part in more volleyball games when on holiday.


While on another African adventure with my grandfather – who is an avid golfer – I decided to learn more about the sport and spend some time with him on the green. Morocco is home to the Gary Player Golf Course, which is situated at Mazagan Beach Resort, and is possibly one of the most beautiful golf courses I have seen. But not only is it beautiful, it accommodates golfers of all levels. Before I took to the course with my grandfather, I attended a couple of classes at The Mazagan Morocco Golf Academy in order to perfect my swing and learn more about the sport overall.

These are just three of the activities and sports I have learned while on my yearly vacations. Each has helped to make me more confident and persuaded me to not let the fear of trying something new stop me for getting involved. What will you try when you go on your next vacation?

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