Riga: The Baltic Sea Port Harboring Beauty and Fantasy

It’s said that if Paris were made out of wood, it would float east and name itself Riga. The capital of Latvia proudly holds the title of the biggest metropolis in Baltics. Located 29 ft above sea level, the city houses stunning resemblance of Nouveau architecture and vibrant nightlife that attracts more and more people coming for stags parties every year! Oh, and did I mention that Latvia produces more female models per capita than almost any country in the world? Read on to learn more about why you should visit Riga.

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St James Cathedral and Riga Old Town on a sunny summer day: Photo licensed with Envato

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Riga, Lativa

Less spending, more enjoyment

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Friends having a good time in a pub: Photo licensed with Envato

Baltic countries went through some harsh times, especially during Soviet communism. But these hard times left a unique and permanent mark on this amazing city and its economy. Riga as a popular stag do destination usually offers more opportunities with low costs than most of its European counterparts. Popular activities include the famously guided pub crawls; adrenaline-pumping paintball matches; beer bike experiences; adventurous military simulators, and exotic dinner shows.  

People from all around the world leave this city with tales of Western sensibilities touched with Eastern-like prices (which is something few places in Europe can be proud of at the moment). It is said that no one leaves this city without a genuine smile and a bottle of world-renown Vodka to show everyone how their wildest nights unfolded.

Paris of the North

you should visit Riga,old town
Riga old town: Photo licensed with Envato

Considering the harsh history that painted Riga’s history, it’s mind-boggling how such pristine display of architecture can be seen throughout the Latvian capital. People from all around the world are flocking to witness one of the most unique displays of Art Nouveau architecture in Europe; and colorful wooden households that gave Latvian postcards international fame.

Wherever you step, you will find yourself reaching for the camera to capture breathtaking sights that will remain with you forever. Not to mention that Historic city center of Riga is a UNESCO Heritage Site that simply can’t be described with words. Definitely also check out the stunning panoramic view of the city from St Peter’s Church Tower.

But we all need to have some fun, eh?

you should visit Riga,nightlife
Nightlife in Riga: Photo licensed with Envato

Riga at night is a recreational metropolis of Europe. With the vibrant and unstoppable atmosphere, it attracts more and more stag do crews than any other Baltic city. The week starts out quietly, but – come Thursday, people start celebrating life like no other! Riga offers you an opportunity to reach various nightlife attractions in just one night!

The city’s urbanism is well-connected to give you a chance to visit every fiery bar and cafe. Riga’s downtown is packed with opportunities to let loose yourself in the thriving nightclubs. Along Daugava river, you will find some of the city’s most famous night venues. And as you move further into the city center, bars and nightclubs are almost at every corner you turn. This is yet another good reason why you should visit Riga. 

Partying hard and long at night in such a beautiful part of the city is something that will remain with you forever. Rent that Hummer limo and head on down to the city center for some of the best bachelor and youth parties Eastern Europe has to offer.

In Conclusion

If you want to spend your holiday exploring all the amazing characteristic of Baltic countries at affordable prices, Riga is the place to be. Book your hotel in Latvian capital and see why so many people come again and again just to witness some of that sweet-sweet Riga vibe!

So many extraordinary things to discover for you and your friends in the Latvian capital. Discover more reasons why you should visit Riga and amazing things Riga has to offer today.

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