3 Great Places for Summer Island Hopping in Croatia

For years, Croatia has not been a top tourist destination. However, the country has witnessed a great influx of tourists following the country’s formal inauguration into the European Union. With landmarks that date back to the early Roman Empire, stunning crystal-clear blue waters, and heavenly Mediterranean climate, 3 great places for Croatia summer island hopping are the islands of Korcula, Vis, and Hvar, which offer wine enthusiasts, adventurers and researchers alike with an all-inclusive and budget friendly summer break destination that will cater to all of their holiday needs.

Korcula: Enjoy Fine Wine, Spectacular Green Scenery, and Cultural Enlightenment

3 Great Places for Croatia Summer Island Hopping: One of many Korcula's vineyards
One of many Korcula’s vineyards: Photo on Flickr by Paul Appleyard / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Korcula is considered one of the best islands to visit in Croatia due to its abundant olive groves and numerous vineyards that provide tourists with magnificently relaxing ever-green sceneries. Along the island’s southern coast, individuals who prefer to spend their vacation time in quiet coastal areas can enjoy the various quiet beach coves and small sandy beaches. The island’s city, which is also named Korcula, offers historians and researchers with an excellent cultural center that consists of various traditions and historical sites.

3 Great Places for Croatia Summer Island Hopping: Korcula Town
Korcula Town: Photo on Flickr by Emily Mills / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Due to the fact that the island’s past was characterized by medieval battles, the city’s current inhabitants have preserved chivalry dances as a tradition. As such, individuals visiting the island of Korcula can watch professional entertainers as they perform folk dances whilst they enjoy the traditional music that accompanies this age-old religious ceremony. Moreover, most of the small villages on the island tend to be isolated and thus, offer individuals with a perfect place where they can breathe fresh air as they take leisurely walks in the area’s green fields. Wine enthusiasts can also enjoy sampling Korcula’s excellent white wine which is produced from the area’s posip grape vineyards while on a wine tasting tour.

Vis: Enjoy the Island’s Clean Beaches and Fine Traditional Dishes

3 Great Places for Croatia Summer Island Hopping: Stiniva beach and cove on Vis
Stiniva beach and cove on Vis: Photo on Flickr by Jose Tellez / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Three of the most striking aspects of Vis’ beaches is that they are easily accessible by road, are also exceptionally clean, and have a great deal of natural shade surrounding them. These three aspects, therefore, make the island a perfect summer break destination for family excursions. For individuals who prefer swimming adventures, the open sea surrounding the island offer perfect haven for snorkeling explorations whilst the rocky limestone cliffs provide thrill-seekers with the best climbing ventures that nature can provide.

3 Great Places for Croatia Summer Island Hopping: Aerial view of Vis Town
Aerial view of Vis Town: Photo on Flickr by Jose Tellez / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

In addition to this natural splendor, the inhabitants of Vis are well renowned for providing tourists with delectable traditional cuisine that is prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients. Popular dishes include fresh grilled squid, grilled sardines, baked tomatoes, courgettes, and aubergines which are just a fraction of a century-old farmer and fisherman’s menus.

Hvar: Explore Historical Sites and Experience Luxurious Holiday

3 Great Places for Croatia Summer Island Hopping: Hvar and Pakleni Islands
Hvar and Pakleni Islands: Photo on Flickr by Simon Pearson / CC BY-ND 2.0

The island of Hvar offers visitors with a great historical destination that is characterized by exquisitely decorated Gothic palaces and traffic-free, winding marble and stone streets. The island is also famous for its extremely active nightlife and splendid beach stretches. As a highly advantageous tourism aspect of the Island, Hvar visitors can easily access luxury villa holidays as well as private accommodations that can cater to a wider budget-minded and younger crowd.

3 Great Places for Croatia Summer Island Hopping: Main square in Hvar Town
Main square in Hvar Town: Photo on Flickr by Mark Heard / CC BY-NC 2.0

All in all, the islands of Korcula, Vis, and Hvar provide families as well as individuals with great summer break destinations that can suit both mature and younger crowds. Individuals without tight budgetary constraints can locate perfect holiday villas whereas those with lower budgets can find somewhere to stay in private accommodation on all three islands. The natural splendor offered by the islands’ spectacular oceanic views, crystal clear blue waters, limestone cliffs, and evergreen olive groves and vineyards make visiting Croatia over the summer break a worthwhile and relaxing adventure for persons of all ages.

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