3 Cruise Ship Extras Worth The Splurge

From drinks packages and internet access to designer boutiques and speciality cafes, there are loads of ways you can rack up a serious bill on your cruise without even thinking about it. Sure, there are plenty of ways to curb your spending on board, but what about if you’ve got a little bit of extra cash to spend on cruise ship extras? What’s really worth the extra money and what’s really not?

3 Cruise Ship Extras

To save you from wasting your hard savings on things that aren’t as great as they first appeared, we’ve put together a small list of cruise ship extras 100% worth the splurge.

Cruise ship extras. A relaxing massage in an onboard spa is definitely worth the money.
A relaxing massage in an on-board spa is definitely worth the money.

Spa Treatments and Salon Services

Relaxation is at the top of the list for many cruisers and there’s no better way to unwind that treating yourself to a spa session. Even the most basic treatments are pricey, but the pampered, glowing feeling you get for hours after the visit totally makes it worth it. To keep your spa bill within budget, be on the lookout for special offers advertised on day one to get people in the door and on port days when most travellers are ashore.

The Canyon Ranch Spa Club on-board Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is one of the very best spas at sea, complete with a thalassotherapy pool, chill out zone, steam room and sauna. The extensive spa menu includes more than 80 options with exotic treatments you won’t find anywhere else.

Cruise ship extras. Not having to worry about your drinks bill alone makes this splurge worth it!
Not having to worry about your drinks bill alone makes this splurge worth it!

All-Inclusive Drink Packages

If your idea of relaxation is more cocktails by the pool than massage in the spa, you’ll get great value-for-money with an all-inclusive drinks package. Although selected soft drinks, water, tea and coffee are available for free during meal times with a lot of liners, you do have to pay for alcohol. And with cocktails easily going for upward of $12, you can spend a small fortune on the first night alone! To get more bang for your buck, keep an eye out for all-inclusive drink package deals before you sail. Some liners throw in the package for free when you book far in advance.

Azamara Club Cruises already include a small selection of drinks within their basic cruise rate for free, but their paid all-inclusive drinks packages are some of the cheapest you’ll find at sea.

Cruise ship extras. Treating yourself to a gourmet meal is definitely worth the extra cash.
Treating yourself to a gourmet meal at Murano is definitely worth the extra cash. Image via Flickr, Roderick Eime CC BY 2.0

Speciality Restaurants

Even though the food at the main dining room is sure to be superb, choosing from the same menu in the same restaurant every night can get a bit dull, especially if you’re on a long cruise. If you’re an enthusiastic foodie and want to indulge your taste buds, forking out for a speciality dining package will be money well spent. Each package usually includes a set number of meals at a selection of different restaurants, so you can try out a few different menus and venues.

Celebrity Cruises has a huge range of excellent speciality restaurants, from the champagne high tea-serving Murano and the Italian steakhouse Tuscan Grille to the al fresco Lawn Club Grille.

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