3 of the Best European Cruise Destinations

When it comes to European cruises, there are hundreds of routes and ports from which you can choose. There is also a vast range of cruise liners, cabin selections, pricing and day excursions. Do you want to explore cities, learn more about European history, or take in the scenery?

With so many questions, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you’re booking online or going to a travel agent, here are 3 of the best European cruise destinations to help you make up your mind

3 Best European Cruise Destinations

Best European Cruise Destinations

Eastern Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean cruises are a haven for history enthusiasts and typically cover Italy, Greece and Turkey. They may also occasionally stop at ports in Cyprus, Israel and Egypt. They offer a wealth of culture and allow you to visit a selection of historically important sites in a short space of time. Have an urge to see Athens, Istanbul, Santorini and Cairo? Then an Eastern Mediterranean cruise may be the one for you.


Western Mediterranean

If you love food and fantastic views, consider a Western Mediterranean cruise. Most cruises in this area tend to focus on Italy, Sardinia, France and Spain, visiting popular cities like Rome, Venice and Barcelona. As well as coastal cities, many also include excursions to beautiful rural areas and villages. If that’s not enough, you can tempt your taste buds with delicious cuisine and indulge in fine European wines.

Northern Europe

Are rugged landscapes and incredible scenery your idea of heaven? Filled with ice sheets, fields of greenery, an abundance of wildlife and picture-postcard villages, northern Europe is a site for sore eyes. With a rich Scandinavian and Baltic, seasonal cruises here offer wildly different experiences, with snow and ice in the winter, and expanses of lush green in the summer months.

You can enjoy Danish pastries, savour the delicious taste of salmon in Finland, or taste some famous Scandinavian Aquavit. Plus, as well as visiting the beautiful architecture and historical monuments in the cities of Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki, some may pass through Russia, Iceland and Norway. If so, you’ll also get the chance to visit the breathtaking Norwegian Fjords, Iceland’s waterfalls and come tantalisingly close to the North Pole.

3 Best European Cruise Destinations: cruise-ship-778533_640

No matter which part of Europe you choose (Bolsover Cruise Club have a great selection), a cruise can be an incredible experience. Before you book, make sure to research cabins, excursions and ports, to find the best European cruise destinations and get the most from your cruise.

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