What to see in one day while visiting Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis the capital of Mauritius has lots to see and do!  From the variety of informative museums to the historical citadel or a day at one of the oldest horse racing clubs in the world, inaugurated in June 1812. There is something for everyone, of all ages to enjoy in the bustling city of Port Louis.

24 Hours in Port Louis Mauritius

24 Hours in Port Louis Mauritius
Port Louis, Mauritius ©MDHarding

Champ de Mars Racecourse the oldest horse racing club in the South Hemisphere and the 2nd oldest in the world attracts many. The racing season held between March and December. The racecourse can be easily reached by taxi from the central shopping area or if walking around 40 minutes.

24 Hours in Port Louis Mauritius: Champ de Mars Racecourse, Mauritius ©MDHarding
Champ de Mars Racecourse, Mauritius ©MDHarding

Port Louis Citadel or also known as Fort Adelaide was built in the 16th century by the Spaniards offers 360 degree panoramic views. Today a visit to the Citadel is free, however it is said that new exhibits are in the planning for some of the interior spaces. At the time of visit in September 2015 the structure was home to a small gift shop and access to the rest rooms can be found on the lower level.

24 Hours in Port Louis Mauritius: Views from inside the Citadel, Port Louis, Mauritius ©MDHarding
Views from inside the Citadel, Port Louis, Mauritius ©MDHarding

Blue Penny Museum is located in the down town shopping area, at the back of the Caudan Waterfront Mall. It can be easily reached on foot from both central bus stations. The Museum is home to two of the rarest stamps in the world the Penny Blue and the Penny Red dating back to 1847. These can be seen on the top floor of the museum along with many other interesting and detailed exhibits telling the stories of time gone by.  Alongside the original stamps are replicas which are illuminated the majority of the time to preserve the originals. The ground level of the museum tells the love story of Paul and Virginia a novel created by Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre first published in 1788.  Highly recommend a visit to learn more about the islands history and culture.

24 Hours in Port Louis Mauritius: The Blue Penny Museum, Port Louis, Mauritius ©MDHarding
The Blue Penny Museum, Port Louis, Mauritius ©MDHarding

There is also the Natural History Museum, Photography Museum and Postal Museum all of which has something a little different to offer. The Natural History Museum houses a life size skeleton of the world known Dodo Bird, the last confirmed sighting was in 1662.  To see how the landscape would have been in the days of the Dodo,  I would highly recommend a visit to Ile Aux Aigrettes Island, home to some of Mauritius tropical flora and fauna including the Pink Pigeon.

The postal Museum is also well situated in the down town area within a few feet of the harbour front. It has a well exhibited collection of first edition covers and the limited edition One Penny and Two Pence Post Office stamps as well as showing the same stamps with Postage Paid. There is also a informative collection of post office memorabilia on display.

24 Hours in Port Louis Mauritius: Dodo Bird Stamp Series located inside the Postal Museum ©MDHarding
Dodo Bird Stamp Series located inside the Postal Museum ©MDHarding

Mauritius is an ideal place for either a one or two centre holiday with its proximity to South Africa and Madagascar. Or maybe you are thinking about taking a cruise?  There are a number of cruise lines that stop in Port Louis such as Costa Cruises, Princess Cruises and Cunard.  The island has so much on offer and accommodation available for all budgets, get out there and see the island that Mark Twain said “Mauritius was made first then heaven”. The best way to see the island is by car with lots more flexibility on stopping at the white sandy beaches or one of the many attractions. If you’re planning to spend more than 24 hours in Port Louis Mauritius, please see Jewel of the Indian Ocean, Highlights of South Mauritius, and Highlights of North Mauritius for other things to do.

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