2017 Travel Trends Around the World: What to Expect

What can jet setters expect to see as they plan their 2017 escapades? For starters, it’ll be one of the cheapest years to travel. The rise of bargain airfare rates and the growing popularity of sharing services are changing the way people travel nowadays. Also, there’s the desire to travel more responsibly. Especially with news and images of long-time natural and cultural wonders heading for ruins. Finally, the travel industry will be looking to cater to women’s desires and needs. Do you want to know more about the 2017 travel trends? Keep reading below.

2017 Travel Trends

Increased Low Airfare Rate Offerings in the USA

AA Economy Seats. 2017 Travel Trends
AA Economy Seats

The American airline industry is a little behind Europe and Asia, when it comes to providing low-cost airline options. However that has certainly changed over the past couple of years. Earlier this year, you probably heard about the news that American Airlines will start offering basic economy fares. The world’s largest airline has joined the likes of United, JetBlue, Frontier and Spirit airlines in trying to attract more price driven travelers.

The growing population of millennials, who now have a little bit more disposable income for trips, drives this 2017 travel trend. Moreover, many of whom are minimalists and are generally looking for the best value when it comes to travel.

Increased Popularity of River Cruising

Crystal Cruises. 2017 Travel Trends
Crystal Cruises

Five years ago, no one could have predicted that those pervasive commercials about river cruises will actually become one of the 2017 travel trends. Despite its iconic itineraries mostly in Europe’s Danube and Rhine Rivers, to most people, river cruises aren’t exotic enough to warrant that much interest. That however, is changing with cruise operators such as Crystal Cruises offering more itineraries to unusual places. This includes places such as South Africa, Scandinavia and the Bordeaux region in France.

Just as it was with the increasing demand for affordable airfare, the growing popularity of river cruising can be attributed to another cultural shift: baby boomers exiting the workforce. These folks, some have worked for over three decades, are now digging into their retirement and indulging on these once-in-a-lifetime excursions.

Cuba Travel

Cars in Cuba. 2017 Travel Trends
Cars in Cuba

Ever since former President Obama relaxed the United States’ relationship with Cuba last year, the country has suddenly seen a more robust tourism industry. Travel expert analysts predict that to continue in 2017. Expect to see more Instagram pictures of Havana, the country’s vibrant capital, with its 1950’s model Ford cars and cigars. Hospitality giants like Marriott are looking into investing in properties in the Havana neighborhood of Malecón, where visitors can easily access an eight-kilometer stretch of road that showcases the best the country has to offer.

Americans Will Take More Local Vacations

Beverley Street in Staunton. 2017 Travel Trends
Beverley Street in Staunton

Another one of the 2017 travel trends is the prediction that Americans in general, will begin to take more vacations. The increased research tying productivity with wellness is lessening the stigma that taking a vacation to recharge one’s body and soul is actually not a bad thing. As such, Americans will also desire to travel more locally and plan for shorter trip duration as opposed to a big one per year. Expect to see more interests in charming small town visits and themed vacations circling around food, culture and outdoor activities.

Vanishing or Soon to Be Extinct Locations

Early morning at Machu Picchu. 2017 Travel Trends
Early morning at Machu Picchu

The threat of global warming is becoming all too real, which is why one of the 2017 travel trends will focus on visiting locations that scientists and anthropologists are deemed in danger of disappearing. Places like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and Antarctica are suffering greatly from the warmer temperatures in recent years.

You can also expect a drastic change in policy to handle the growing demand for iconic sites like Angkor in Cambodia, Machu Picchu in Peru or the Taj Mahal in India to ensure that it remains available for future generations to come.

Sustainable and Responsible Travel

Sustainable Tourism. 2017 Travel Trends
Sustainable Tourism

The United Nations declared 2017 to be the International Year of Sustainable Tourism.  Therefore, another one of the 2017 travel trends you can expect to see is an increase in more eco-friendly trips. The goal is not only for the traveler to experience a once in a lifetime journey for herself, but also to contribute to the sustainable economic and cultural development of the people and places. Travelers will see a big push to buy local.

Did You Say Women Only?

Adventure Women Trip. 2017 Travel Trends
Adventure Women Trip

There’s a reason movies like Wild or Eat Pray Love are very popular. The underlying story of women trying to find their purpose in life after a dramatic life event is not a new concept. But because of the advancements in support of women’s rights, the tourism industry is also starting to pay attention.

One of the 2017 travel trends is that of solo women travel. They are looking to have a more personal and enriching experience. As a result, the travel industry is looking to accommodate by providing new options. These include women-only floors at hotels and offering activities geared only for women of similar interests.

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