Two Weeks in LA, California

Being one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world, Los Angeles, California is definitely one of the top ten most popular destinations among globetrotters. Those who have already been to LA claim that it is an unforgettable experience, and if the City of Angels is your first choice for the next trip, we have some tips for you. Stay with us and read what are the best ways to spend two weeks in such an inspiring and vibrant city.

2 Weeks in Los Angeles

1. Hollywood

Experience glamorous lifestyle first-hand by exploring the streets of this fabulous neighborhood in Los Angeles. Find the names of your favorite celebrities on the Walk of Fame and pay homage to them by visiting the place where it all began. Taking a photo with the Hollywood Sign in the background is an absolute must, so try to get as close as possible to this authentic symbol of the film industry.

2 Weeks in Los Angeles: Hollywood sign on the hill
Hollywood sign on the hill

2. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Spend a day in this amusement park and you definitely won’t regret. Different roller coasters and water rides are unlimited source of fun and thrill, for children as well as for adults. Go for a ride on the Riddler’s Revenge, which is the world’s fastest, tallest and longest stand-up roller coaster. Muster your courage and go for it!

2 Weeks in Los Angeles: Riddler's revenge roller coaster
Riddler’s revenge roller coaster: Photo Aaron Stroot / CC 2.0

3. Disneyland

Visit “The Happiest Place on Earth” and start feeling like a child all over again. Enter the enchanted world of Walt Disney’s imagination and spend a night in one of the hotels located inside of the resort. Take this marvelous experience to the next level and enjoy numerous rides that are popular all over the world. Seven different theme parks offer something special for people with different preferences, so you will undoubtedly enjoy no matter what you choose.

2 Weeks in Los Angeles: Disneyland Esplanade
Disneyland Esplanade: Joe Penniston / CC 2.0

4. LA Lakers Basketball Match

If you are a huge basketball fan, you definitely have to make a pilgrimage to Staples Center – the home of LA Lakers. The idea of going to cheer up this magnificent group of professional sportsmen is absolutely worth considering, so you should better check out LA Lakers schedule. You certainly don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to experience the real lifestyle typical for the City of Angels.

2 Weeks in Los Angeles

5. Warner Bros. Studios

Take a trip to Warner Bros studios, where many of your favorite movies and TV series were brought to life. Harry Potter, Two and a Half Men, Friends, and Batman are just some of them. Embrace your chance to see the Sorting Hat, the orange couch from Central Perk, as well as Batmobile, and create your own unforgettable memories.

2 Weeks in Los Angeles: Batmobile at Warner Bros
Batmobile at Warner Bros: Photo Mario Salvador / CC 2.0

6. Natural History Museum

Explore the world of science in the second largest museum in the world. Various exhibits and galleries, as well as remarkable collection of 35 million objects and specimens dating back 4.5 billion years are indeed a great opportunity for you to learn something new. Sign up for a tour and a lecture and immensely expand your knowledge.

2 Weeks in Los Angeles: Mastodon Los Angeles, Natural History Museum
Mastodon Los Angeles, Natural History Museum: Photo Wikipedia / CC 2.0

7. Museum of Tolerance

Visit the Museum of Tolerance located in West LA and gain an insight into the suffering of Jewish people during the Second World War. The main exhibit involves an hour long walk-through on the Holocaust, where you can familiarize with personal testimonies and photos, as well as taped narrations and World War II artifacts. This is a great way to hear the other side of the story and to think about your own prejudices as well.

8. Queen Mary

This grand cruise ship that was built in 1936 serves as a tourist attraction today.The Queen Mary also a hotel which includes several eating and drinking spots. Here is a spooky fact: many visitors claimed that they have heard voices and rattling chains during tours. Some ghost hunters even say that almost all the areas of the ship are haunted!

2 Weeks in Los Angeles: Queen Mary at Long Beach
Queen Mary at Long Beach: Photo Jason Mrachina / CC 2.0

As you can see, possibilities with exploring this fascinating city are endless. Inform yourself before starting your two-week trip, because proper organization is crucial. The final decision is totally up to you – you won’t make a mistake no matter what you choose to visit. Los Angeles is indeed an unbelievable city with great energy, which makes it a perfect destination for your trip.

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