15 Photographic Impressions of New York City

I just got back from two days and one night in New York City, my third visit to the “City that Never Sleeps”. I don’t make it a secret that I adore New York City. I think it’s truly one of the greatest cities in the world. What I love most about it is the incredibly variety of neighborhoods. Even Manhattan alone has dozens of distinct neighborhoods, and that’s only one of the city’s five boroughs. (The other four are Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.)

I was in New York for personal matters, but after taking care of that, I spent many hours walking the streets of Midtown Manhattan, an area that I love to pieces. I’ve seen pretty much all major attractions and highlights during previous visits and this week I dedicated some time checking out landmarks that I hadn’t seen before, such as the amazing New York Public Library near Bryant Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the totally fantastic Roosevelt Island Tram, which I think is one of the most underrated things to do in Manhattan. Too bad it rained when I was on it and wet windows didn’t allow for any photography – the views were still excellent though.

In addition to those “new” attractions, it goes without saying that I also spent some time walking along Fifth Avenue and Lexington Avenue, two major shopping streets, and strolling through Central Park and negotiating the ever-bustling Times Square. I walked past the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and crossed Broadway.

The amazing thing is that all the things that I mentioned just now are located in only Midtown Manhattan – there’s so much more to see and do in other areas of the city, it’s overwhelming.

In this post, I’d like to share fifteen of my favorite photographic impressions of New York City, fifteen photos that were taken during three visits to the city.

I hope you enjoy them!

15 New York City Pictures

15 New York City Pictures: Lower Manhattan Skyline
Lower Manhattan Skyline
15 New York City Pictures: Bryant Park
Bryant Park
15 New York City Pictures: Cabs on Fifth Avenue
Cabs on Fifth Avenue
15 New York City Pictures: Hotdog and Pretzel Stand
Hotdog and Pretzel Stand
15 New York City Pictures: Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building
15 New York City Pictures: Wall Street Bull
Wall Street Bull
15 New York City Pictures: Central Park in winter
Central Park in winter
15 New York City Pictures: Grand Central
Grand Central
15 New York City Pictures: St Patrick's Cathedral
St Patrick’s Cathedral
15 New York City Pictures: Little Italy
Empire State Building seen from Little Italy
15 New York City Pictures: Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
15 New York City Pictures: Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue
15 New York City Pictures: Broadway and Times Square
Broadway and Times Square
15 New York City Pictures: Roosevelt Island Tram
Roosevelt Island Tram
15 New York City Pictures: Taxis at Times Square
Taxis at Times Square

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    Helen Fraser

    Hi Bram,

    I just got back from some time in NY with a girl friend. All of the images you’ve shot here are just like I remember it. Michelle is disappointed she didn’t buy a painting. Looking at your photos, I was thinking a stylish collection of images for her to frame would be a nice Christmas present?. Does that sound doable? She has a large wall to put it on. What do you think?


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