Visit Belgium: 15 Photographic Reasons

Being from Belgium, I may be a bit biased, but I do think that the country makes for a brilliant travel destination. It’s not big – and that’s an understatement – and you can drive across in just a few hours. Nevertheless, it is filled to the brim with historic sites, battlefields, stunning architecture, peaceful countryside and fantastic food.

Belgium is also an extremely easy country to get around in.  If you have, say, a week and want to go somewhere new, go to Belgium. In case you don’t have time for a holiday, I can take you on a photographic tour of my home country.

I’ve already covered my top 10 destinations in Belgium and talked about the lesser known towns, so in this post would to let the pictures do the talking. Pictures describe a place better than words anyway.

Let’s go!

15 Belgium Photos: Photographic Reasons to Visit Belgium

15 Belgium Photos: Stone Houses in Durbuy
Stone Houses in Durbuy
15 Belgium Photos: Lion's Mound in Waterloo
Lion’s Mound in Waterloo
15 Belgium Photos: Antwerp Central Station
Antwerp Central Station, the “Railway Cathedral”
15 Belgium Photos:  Library in Leuven
Library of Leuven
15 Belgium Photos: Tyne Cot War Cemetery
Tyne Cot War Cemetery, Flanders Fields

The Belgian coastline isn’t well-known at all, but, lined with sand dunes, coastal towns and dykes, it is in fact a pretty nice place to spend some warm summer days. The Ardennes Forest covers the hills in the south of country and is home to great hiking trails, picturesque stone villages, castles and fast-flowing rivers. Flanders, the Dutch-speaking north, is where you will find Belgium’s major cities.

15 Belgium Photos: River in the city center of Lier
River in the city center of Lier
15 Belgium Photos: Trail in Rural Flanders
Trail in the Flemish countryside
15 Belgium Photos: Belgian Waffle
Belgian Waffle: Doesn’t this look absolutely delicious?
15 Belgium Photos: Belfry of Namur
The beautiful belfry of Namur
15 Belgium Photos: Café Along Canal
A café alongside a canal in Flanders

I’m trying to promote the country I was born and grew up in in various ways, because it still tends to be skipped by people who are on rush trips through Europe. It’s easy to take a train from Amsterdam to Paris and just fast-forward through Belgium. I say: stop in Brussels and go on some side trips. Cities like Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges are an hour or less away by train.

15 Belgium Photos: Ghent Waterfront
Stunning waterfront in Ghent
15 Belgium Photos: Old Bicycle and cobblestones in Aalst
An old bicycle and cobblestones in Aalst
15 Belgium Photos: Grand Place in Brussels
The Grand Place in Brussels, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
15 Belgium Photos: Fruit Blossoms in Haspengouw
Fruit blossoms in the Haspengouw region
15 Belgium Photos: Dinant
Waterfront, Collegiate church and citadel of Dinant all in one picture

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