15 Australia Pictures That Will Make You Jump on a Plane

Although most people seem to think that Australia is made up of desert and is filled with deadly animals, there is a lot more it than that. The country is, however, actually filled with animals that can kill you. And a fairly decent – not to say huge – chunk of Australia’s surface area is in fact desert, but there is so many other landscapes waiting to be explored.

The southeast, for example, is covered in vineyards, lush forests with waterfalls, spectacular coastlines, even snow-capped mountains and a few of the country’s largest cities – think Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Off the southeast coast lies the island state of Tasmania, a wild jewel that is often skipped by tourists. Tasmania consists of true wilderness: rugged mountains, glacial lakes, wild rivers and forests.

Further west you will find bushlands, vast empty places crossed by an occasional road and home to kangaroos and wallabies. The southwest, on the other hand, is again covered with greenery and is the location of several spectacular caves. Again, the coastline is breathtaking.

Australia’s northwest is practically uninhabited and that is where you’ll find some gorgeous Outback scenery , such as gorges, red sand, plateaus, dry riverbeds and so on. The same landscapes are found in the Red Centre as well.

Queensland is home to several surf towns, some of the world’s most ancient rainforests and the largest reef on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef.

In Australia you’ll find everything you could possibly be looking for. There are metropolises, tropical beaches, coastal cliffs, mountains with permanent snow, vast forests, farmlands and marshlands.

It’s much more than just desert! Let’s take a look around Australia .

15 Australia Travel Pictures

A Long Empty Road
Long Road Through the Bush
Australia travel pictures: View of Canberra
View of Canberra
Abandoned Outback Town
Abandoned Outback Town
Australia travel pictures: Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
Australia travel pictures: The Grampians
The Grampians
Australian Open Tennis
Australian Open Tennis
Australia travel pictures: Shark Bay
Shark Bay
Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour
Outback Sunset
Outback Sunset
Yarra River in Melbourne
Australia travel pictures: Flinders Ranges
Flinders Ranges
Great Ocean Road, Australia
Great Ocean Road
Australia travel pictures: Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Barossa Valley
Barossa Valley
Wineglass Bay, Tasmania
Wineglass Bay

The best, and only, way to properly see Australia is by renting a car or renting a motorhome and going exploring.

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