14 Toiletries You Should Pack When Travelling

Toiletries You Should Pack When Travelling

When packing your things for a trip, it’s easy to forget something. This is especially true of your toiletries. To help you to remember all of the toiletries you should pack when travelling, use this list as a guideline for packing your bags.

Toiletries You Should Pack When Travelling

1. Eye Wear

Whether you need to read restaurant menus, travel booklets, or need protection from a hot tropical sun, you should always remember to pack an extra pair of glasses and a set of sunglasses.

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2. Medications

The TSA can be strict regarding the handling of prescription-strength medications, so be sure to leave your medications inside of their original bottles with your name, prescription, and doctor listed on the label.

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3. Lip Balm/Salve

Bringing a lip balm or salve with you on your travels can not only help to assure your chapped lips’ continued comfort but can also provide essential SPF protection.

4. Feminine Hygiene Products

Make sure you’re prepared for a feminine hygiene emergency by packing an extra stash of feminine hygiene products for your trip.

5. Dental Hygiene Products

Your mouth can become quite dirty and smelly during long travels due to the types of foods and drinks that are primarily accessible. Be sure to pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash with you to keep your mouth healthy and clean.

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6. Contact Lenses

You’ll want to be able to fully enjoy the beautiful sights of your travels and of your destination when you arrive. Always pack an extra set of contact lenses along with the necessary accessories such as a contact lens case, cleaning solution, and eye drops.

7. Sunscreen

If your travels take you into a sunny, tropical area of the world, you’ll definitely need to bring a bottle of sunscreen with you. Overexposure to UV rays from sunlight can cause wrinkles and damage your skin and even cause melanoma (skin cancer).

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8. Skincare Products

It’s important to remember to bring a travel-size bottle of your favorite lotion or moisturizer for your travels to ensure your skin remains supple and comfortable. Remember there are even face washes that come in travel size!

9. Q-tips

With Q-tips, they can help you to apply cosmetics, medicated ointment, to clean jewelry, and to perform many other common daily tasks. Q-tips are an essential traveling item for all occasions.

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10. Cosmetics

Cosmetics can be difficult to keep intact during travel. Be sure to pack your cosmetics in a wristlet that’s washable in case a spill occurs.

11. Hairbrush

Maintaining your personal level of grooming is vital to enjoying any type of travel. Wind, walking, running, playing, and lounging can all cause your hair to become tangled and disheveled. A hairbrush and comb should always be packed for any type of travel.

12. Hair Accessories

If your travel plans have you going on grand adventures that will have you battling harsh winds, scorching heat, or water sports, you should pack a healthy amount of hair accessories such as hair ties, hair clips, headbands, and bobby pins.

13. Deodorant

Body odor is a condition that you do not want to experience while out enjoying your travels. Be sure to pack an extra stick of deodorant in your bags to ensure you can fight back against body odor.

14. Bath Soaps

While many hotels will provide their customers with complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, these brands may not be formulated for your skin type. Bring small travel-size bottles of your own bath soaps from home or you can invest in an all-in-one soap like Dr. Bronners.

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Pure Glycerine Soap

It’s important to bring all of the toiletries you’ll need from home. If you forgot something, a local convenience store or pharmacy should have what you need, but it will often be expensive. Save your money by using this list to pack your own items.

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