14 Photos That Showcase the Magical Beauty of Bruges, Belgium

Few small cities in Europe, in the world even, are as positively charming and beautiful as Bruges, Belgium. Located in the western part of the country, about an hour by train from Brussels or Antwerp, Bruges has a perfectly preserved medieval town center. In this post, I wanted to focus on the amazing beauty of the city through a selection of magical Bruges photos.

UNESCO World Heritage

With its gorgeous step-gabled houses, wonderful canals, cobbled streets and art museums, the entire old town center of Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are plenty of things to do in Bruges. You can spend days wandering the alleys, soaking up culture and visiting excellent restaurants and Belgian beer bars.

Bruges is without question one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe, a place that gets more popular among tourists each year. Incredibly photogenic, it’s a dream destination for photographers, especially in winter, when twinkling Christmas lights create a magical atmosphere and—if you’re lucky—a thin blanket of snow covers the rooftops and streets.

If the following magical Bruges photos don’t inspire you to visit this amazing town, I honestly don’t know what will!

14 Magical Bruges Photos

Rozenhoedkaai, magical Bruges photos
The Rozenhoedkaai is one of the most photogenic spots in Bruges.
Bonifacius Bridge, Bruges Photography Spots
Centuries-old houses along a canal, seen from the Bonifacius Bridge.
Brick building in Bruges, Belgium
Pretty bridges and brick buildings characterize the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Bruges town center.
Belgian beers in Bruges
No visit to any Belgian city is complete without trying a few classic Belgian beers.
Statue at the Old Market Square in Bruges, Belgium
Bruges’ long and rich history is visible throughout the town center, numerous statues honoring prominent residents.
Horse and carriage in Bruges, Belgium - Magical Bruges Photos
Super-touristy yet a bunch of fun: a horse-drawn carriage rides through a maze of cobbled street.
Minnewater Lake in Bruges, Belgium - Photos of Bruges
The Minnewater – “Lake of Love” in English – is a gorgeous, romantic area in the heart of the Old Town.
Belfry of Bruges in Belgium
One of Belgium’s most iconic buildings, the belfry of Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on its own!
Old facades in Bruges, Belgium - Magical Bruges Photos
This isn’t a particular attraction or anything, but it’s simply what the entire Bruges town center looks like.
Bruges Market Square - Beautiful Photos of Bruges, Belgium
The epicenter of Old Town Bruges is the Market Square, lined with gorgeous step-gabled houses and home to the towering belfry.
Christmas markets in Bruges, Belgium - Magical Pictures of Bruges
Christmastime in Bruges is nothing short of magical and enchanting.
Canal and belfry tower in Bruges, Belgium
The Rozenhoedkaai is so beautiful I figured I’d share two photos of it, this time in daylight.
Brasserie and canal in Bruges, Belgium
Spending an hour or two people-watching on a brasserie patio is a “must”.
Canal reflection in Bruges, Belgium
A picture-perfect canal reflection of the Church of Our Lady to finish off these wonderful Bruges photos!

Which of These Bruges Photos Was Your Favorite? Share Your Own Experiences in Bruges in the Comments Below?

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