You Will Put Slovenia on Your Bucket List After Seeing These 12 Photos

Slovenia is often overlooked by travelers visiting Europe. Located between the bigger countries of Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia, Slovenia is kind of a passing-through country and that’s a shame, really.

The twelve Slovenia photos in this new blog post are aimed at your putting Slovenia on your bucket list. The country is absolutely gorgeous and there is so much more to it than anyone expects at first. Home to stunning sun-soaked beaches, towering mountains, extensive vineyards, deep caves and scenic alpine lakes, Slovenia is as diverse as it is unknown. My hope is that the photos below will change that!

You should dedicate at least ten days to visiting Slovenia, ten days that will allow you to spend some time on the beach, drink wine, go hiking in the Alps, strolling through beautiful Ljubljana and dwell in a spectacular cave.

Slovenia is without question the most “Western” of all former Yugoslavian countries. It looks more like Austria than Croatia, for instance—its houses with wooden beams and decorated with geraniums can’t be more alpine!

As it is situated at the crossroads between Mediterranean Europe and the Alps, Slovenia offers the best of both worlds. The laidback attitude and openness of Mediterranean Europe combined with the strictness and hard-work-is-good mentality of a Germanic country makes Slovenia a prosperous country that is absolutely worth spending a vacation in.

Slovenia is an underrated country in southeastern Europe, a country that deserves to be explored, a destination that has its place on any itinerary in Europe.

Take a look at the twelve Slovenia photos below and start planning a trip!

12 Slovenia Best Travel Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit

12 Slovenia Best Travel Photos: Alpine valley
Alpine valley in Bohinj
12 Slovenia Best Travel Photos: Beautiful buildings in Ljubljana
Beautiful buildings in Ljubljana
12 Slovenia Best Travel Photos: Church at Lake Bohinj
Church at Lake Bohinj
12 Slovenia Best Travel Photos: Piran
Piran, Slovenia
12 Slovenia Best Travel Photos: Franciscan Church, Ljubljana
Franciscan Church in Ljubljana
Graffiti in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Graffiti in Ljubljana
12 Slovenia Best Travel Photos: Mountain lodge in Bohinj
Mountain lodge in Bohinj
Wooden boat on Lake Bled, Slovenia
Wooden boat on Lake Bled
Double hayracks, Slovenia
Typical double hayracks
Tartini Square in Piran
Tartini Square in Piran
Quiet street in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia
Quiet street in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city
Village in Bohinj, Slovenia
Alpine village in Bohinj

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