12 Gorgeous Photos of Olympic National Park, Washington

I’ve recently written about how you can spend two days in Olympic National Park, so now it’s time to showcase the park’s astonishing beauty in images instead of words. The Olympic National Park photos in this post are meant to inspire you to visit this spectacular park near Port Angeles in northwestern Washington—and I’m sure they will!

Extraordinary Variety

Olympic National Park is arguably the most varied of all national parks in the USA. And I know that’s a serious statement, but its diversity truly is staggering. The Olympic Mountains form the park’s core, a collection of razor-edge ridges, lakes, meadows and waterfalls. On the western slopes of those mountains lies the largest temperate rain forest in the country. The third main biotope is the coast, which boasts wide beaches, tidepools, rock formations and coastal forests.

All these landscapes provide a home to countless animals and plants, some of which are native to the Olympic Peninsula. In Olympic National Park, you can see everything from black bears, mountain lions and Roosevelt elk to migrating salmon and whales to bald eagles and sea otters.

Its exceptional biodiversity is why the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve.

Olympic National Park Photos

The following twelve Olympic National Park photos showcase just how extremely varied this park is. Scroll down and see the majestic beauty of the mountains, coast and rain forests.

Sunlight in old-growth forest, Olympic National Park photos
Beautiful sunlight lights up the lush vegetation in Olympic’s old-growth forests.
Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park
People cool off in the cold water, while wildfire smoke lingers over Lake Crescent.
Olympic marmot on Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington
The Olympic marmot is endemic to the Olympic Peninsula. In other words, it doesn’t live anywhere else on Earth.
Ruby Beach coast, Olympic National Park
Countless drift logs are scattered across Ruby Beach, one of the park’s finest beaches.
Hiker on the Hall of Mosses Trail, Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park
A hiker explores the magical Hall of Mosses Trail in the Hoh Rain Forest.
Hurricane Ridge road, Olympic National Park, Washington
Climbing from sea level to over 5,000 feet in just 17 miles, the Hurricane Ridge Road is one of America’s most scenic drives.
Madison Falls, Olympic National Park in Washington State
Madison Falls, an underrated yet super-beautiful waterfall between Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent.
Black-tailed deer fawn on Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park
A black-tailed deer fawn frolics in the meadows of Hurricane Ridge.
Sea stacks on Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park, Washington
These sea stacks on Rialto Beach are among the most iconic sights in the park.
Hall of Mosses sunlight, Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park
Gorgeous rain forest scenery in the Hoh Rain Forest.
Elwha River, Olympic National Park, Washington
The Elwha River is one of numerous rivers that radiate down from Mount Olympus’ glaciers.
Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park
My personal favorite place in the entire park is Sol Duc Falls…

Have you ever been to Olympic National Park? Which of these Olympic National Park photos are your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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