Winter in New England: 12 Photos

New England is pretty great place to live, especially for someone like me who loves to be outdoors. This region is blessed with an incredibly wide range of landscapes, from wild coastlines to vast forests and rugged mountain ranges. It truly is an outdoor lover’s paradise – even in winter.

I’ve already shared many of my photos of New England  in previous posts; I’ve covered the absolutely stunning fall season, and I’ve also done a post that included my (at the time) favorite photos from around New England.

It’s the heart of winter now, but that doesn’t stop me from exploring. I don’t care if the roads are snowy or icy, I still go on long drives. In fact, even when the fall foliage attracted huge crowds of leaf-peepers, I was already looking forward to winter and the snowy landscapes that come with it. Photo opportunities are virtually endless all year round over here. I love it.

12 New England Winter Pictures

12 New England Winter pictures: Barn in Vermont
Barn in Vermont
12 New England winter pictures: Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon
12 New England winter pictures: Dummerston Covered Bridge
Dummerston Covered Bridge

In summer there are the lush green mountains and valleys intersected by beautiful rivers to be photographed. Fall is just stunning, no further words needed there. Now, in winter, the landscapes are covered in thick blankets of snow and smoke puffs out of chimneys. At night, the cozy fireplaces and reading lights in warm living rooms shine through windows and sparkle on the mountainsides. During the day, people bundle up and head out on snowshoes or skis. Frozen lakes can be crossed on foot and offer fun ice-fishing opportunities. Icicles hang from the roofs of houses and covered bridges.

It’s a magical time of year.

12 New England winter pictures: Frozen Waterfall
Frozen Waterfall
12 New England winter pictures: Snowy Church
Snowy Church
12 New England winter pictures: Forest Sunset
Forest Sunset

I can’t imagine what it must have been like to live here a couple of hundred years ago though. There’s enough wood to burn, that’s for sure, and food is abundant as well. There is plenty of fish to be caught, game to be hunted and berries, fruit and nuts to be gathered. Nevertheless, freezing cold winters that last several months must have been extremely tough. Maybe that’s why there aren’t any big cities over here?

12 New England winter pictures: Wintery Field
Wintery Field
12 New England winter pictures: View of Woodstock
View of Woodstock
12 New England winter pictures: Firewood and Barn
Firewood and Barn

Now, however, technology has made New England a very comfortable place to live . Cars all have studded tires; snow ploughs do their job perfectly. Most people have generators, or at least big pile of fire wood to get through power outages that could result from winter storms.

I like it here.

12 New England winter pictures: Covered Bridge in Winter
Covered Bridge in Winter
12 New England winter pictures: Rural Scene in Vermont
Rural Scene in Vermont
12 New England winter pictures: Winter Shed
Winter Shed

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