12 New England Photos That Will Make You Want to Go There

You may already know that I’ve been living in Vermont for a good seven months now. If you didn’t, then you know now! I spent the past half year driving around and exploring every single corner of this magnificent region in the United States.

New England is made up of six different states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Each of those states has a distinctly different character. Allow me to introduce you to all of them.

  • Connecticut is the most suburban of all New England states. It has several large towns and cities, is home to Yale University and is a preferred place to live for young – and rich – families.
  • Rhode Island is the smallest of all fifty U.S. states and borders Connecticut and Massachusetts. This tiny coastal state consists of old towns, wealthy people with boats, mansions (think the Great Gatsby) and Brown University.
  • I won’t say that Massachusetts is the main state of New England, but it is certainly the place with the most history and power. Home to Boston, this is where many significant events in the history of the nation have taken place. Examples are the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. Boston is also home to Harvard University and all major sports teams in New England.
  • Maine is known for its spectacular coastline with lighthouses and its interior of wilderness, forests, lakes, rivers and large black bear population. This is where New England’s only national park is located: Acadia National Park.
  • New Hampshire is the most mountainous of all New England states, home to the majestic White Mountains. Other highlights in this state are Dartmouth College and the coastal town of Portsmouth.
  • As one of the most rural states in America, Vermont consists of pretty farms, maple syrup shacks and small towns and villages. The beautiful Green Mountains run from south to north through the state and are great for hiking in summer and skiing in winter.

I’ve been to all of these states, except for Connecticut, and have seen most of the highlights and attractions in the region. Doing that, I’ve compiled quite a large collection of New England photos and I’d like to share my twelve best ones with you below!

12 Great New England Photos

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine

New England Photos: Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park

The Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island

New England Photos: The Breakers, Rhode Island
The Breakers, Rhode Island

State House, Boston, Massachusetts

New England Photos: State House in Boston
State House in Boston

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

New England Photos: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Lake Fairlee, Vermont

New England Photos: Lake Fairlee, Vermont
Lake Fairlee, Vermont

Green Mountains, Vermont

New England Photos: Green Mountains
Green Mountains

Fishing Boats, New Harbor, Maine

New England Photos: Fishing Boats on the Maine Coast
Fishing Boats on the Maine Coast

Fall Foliage, New Hampshire

New England Photos: Fall Foliage, New Hampshire
Fall Foliage, New Hampshire

Covered Bridge, Vermont

New England Photos: Covered Bridge, Vermont
Covered Bridge, Vermont

Boardwalk, White Mountains, New Hampshire

New England Photos: Boardwalk in the White Mountains
Boardwalk in the White Mountains

Westport Point, Massachusetts

New England Photos: Westport Point, Massachusetts
Westport Point, Massachusetts

 Bass Head Lighthouse, Maine

New England Photos: Bass Head Lighthouse, Maine
Bass Head Lighthouse, Maine

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