12 Amazing Venice Photos That Show Why You Simply Have to Visit

While I don’t think that many people need to be convinced that Venice, Italy is quite the beautiful city, I also don’t think that the city’s sheer grandeur can be exaggerated. It is simply a breathtaking historic city, as the dozen best photos of Venice in this post will show you. Venice is one of the world’s most spectacular cities, spread out across several islands, crisscrossed by the most picturesque canals, boasting astonishing pastel-colored architecture and home to a couple of world-class museums. It’s simply a place that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime.

That said; visiting Venice doesn’t need to last longer than two to three days. You can easily explore this northeastern Italian city on foot—wandering aimlessly through the maze-like streets and alleyways is a great deal of fun. A three-day stay in Venice would also allow you some additional time to visit the nearby islands, such as Murano and Burano. From late January to early March is Venice Carnival time for this year round destination.

This post is about offering you guys some photographic inspiration—as if you need that when it comes to romantic Venice!—so let’s get to the photos, shall we?

You’ll Be Ready to Pack Your Bags After Seeing These Best Photos of Venice!

Best Photos of Venice: Bridge of Sighs, Venice
Bridge of Sighs
Best Photos of Venice: Church in Venice
Church in Venice
Best Photos of Venice: Vaporetto on the Grand Canal
Vaporetto on the Grand Canal
Best Photos of Venice: Scenic dining in Venice
Scenic dining in Venice
Best Photos of Venice: Pretty canal in Venice
Pretty canal
Best Photos of Venice: Piazza San Marco, Venice
Piazza San Marco
Best Photos of Venice: Palazzo Ducale, Venice
Palazzo Ducale
Best Photos of Venice: Narrow canal in Venice
Beautifully colorful canal
Best Photos of Venice: Houses along Grand Canal, Venice
Houses along the Grand Canal
Grand Canal in Venice
Grand Canal in Venice
Gondola traffic in Venice
Gondola traffic
Dusk over the Grand Canal, Venice
Dusk over the Grand Canal

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