10 Reasons You Should Plan Your Thailand Trip Today

An unforgettable experience is what defines a Thailand trip. You will never come across even one person who wouldn’t have enjoyed being a part of a wonderful culture that is Thailand, it exceeds anyone’s expectations. Here are 10 reasons you should plan your Thailand trip today for your next holiday.

10 reasons you should plan your Thailand trip today, Phuket, Thailand, Boating
Phuket, Thailand – Boating

10 Reasons you should plan your Thailand trip today

  1. Affordable – Thailand is extremely affordable; you will come across certain hotels at dirt cheap rates. Your money will last for a long time even if you roam and eat around in Thailand.
  2. Amazing weather – The weather in Thailand is par excellent. Whenever you visit Thailand be it in May or in December, you will mostly find bright clear days. It is either a little hot, cool or rainy in Thailand year round.
  3. Backpacking experience – There are several islands and beaches that you can continually explore in and around Thailand which makes it one of the most popular backpacking options.
  4. Underwater thrill – From diving to snorkeling Thailand’s marine life is one you should experience. It is unparalleled beautiful and makes you feel alive.
  5. The beach life – There are sandy beaches made of coral shells in Thailand which is worth a visit. It is gorgeous and would present you with an unbelievable experience. You would want to stay there forever. From laid back to party all night beaches there is something for everyone.
10 reasons you should plan your Thailand trip today
  1. Food – The best part of Thailand is its food. From just dining out in lavish restaurants to food stalls Thailand has affordable eating options that will soothe your palate. The variety of food at the price it is offered is unparalleled. Pad thai with curry and fried chicken is the favorite and is a must try.
  2. Out of the world nightlife – The colourful and vibrant nightlife is something you should experience while you are in Thailand. It is stunning, and you will not regret being there in the pubs around the city.
  3. Shoppers’ paradise – If you are a fan of bargaining and quirky stuff Thailand is your place to be. Thailand has cool shopping streets where you can find anything you want. Thailand also has some fancy malls.
  4. Friendly atmosphere – You will feel at home at all times while you are in Thailand. The people in Thailand are extremely friendly with an extremely jolly crowd. It is called the “Land of Smiles” for a reason because the people of Thailand are extremely joyful.
  5. Cultural heritage – Thailand represents a rich Buddhist heritage which is evident from its architecture. The beautiful Buddhist temples are a must visit while you are in Thailand. There are cultural hints in the way people interact and communicate as well.

It is easy and cheap to get around anywhere in Thailand at localized rates. Getting through charming cities at competitive rates is the dream hence visiting Thailand should be the first in your bucket list.

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