10 Fun Things You Can Do While Family Outings

Most families in the United States don’t spend as much time as they would like, doing fun activities that connect and reconnect the family. If you had two Ford SUVs, a family of twenty or more, and a soccer field nearby you may be able to play a game of soccer every weekend, but this would quickly get boring and tiresome. In this article, we will be discussing 10 fun things for family outings in order to step outside of your home and your comfort zone.

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10 Fun Things For Family Outings – Great Ways To Spend Time With Your Kids

Though spring and summer are already gone, that doesn’t mean that fun things for family outings can’t happen anymore. If you live in a city or state where the weather remains fairly unchanged throughout the year, then you understand that you can have a fun outdoor expedition with your family at any time of the year. Now, let’s talk about the ten activities we mentioned in the introduction. Keep in mind that these are not in any order of importance and are simply listed for the reader to decide which will best suit the family as a whole.

1. Plant a garden

We understand that a major reason why families don’t go out too often is that of financial reasons, and so they opt to stay inside instead and watch a movie or play card games. Life’s more fun that that! We specifically chose the activities above to give everyone a chance to do them. For example, planting a garden might cost you less than $200 for seeds or inexpensive plants. If your family owns a piece of land somewhere, you can even make planting a garden an every-weekend activity. You can also take time-lapse pictures of the process so that when your children are older they know and get to see the plants they planted when they were younger.

2. Tour your local police or fire station

Touring your local fire department or police station and giving thanks to them for keeping the city safe and saving people, will instill a mindset of gratitude in your kids. It’s also a great way to know how things work inside of these places. It’s one thing to see police cars everywhere, and fire trucks making loud noises in the street, but it’s a whole different aspect when you’re there on a day-to-day basis. This will be a great family excursion and shouldn’t take up much of your time either.

3. Go garage sale shopping

You know what your kids will enjoy more than getting out of the house? Getting out of the house to go to other people’s houses to buy toys! Early on a Saturday morning, your whole family should go either garage sale shopping or to a local flea market. With a $100 budget, we guarantee that you will find something new and exciting for your kids, and even for yourself. The only drawback will be the quality and the fact that you will have to get up early.

4. Take a long bike ride

There are guided family bike rides that you can take for a small fee. These will ensure that you don’t get lost, and you are able to visit some great sightseeing areas along the bike ride. If you’re feeling more adventurous, then you can go ahead and plan the bike route yourself and explain it to your family, or you can drive it or bike it yourself beforehand to see how far and tiring it can get. Nonetheless, even a short bike ride around your neighbourhood will be good for your family’s health, and to get out of the house.

5. Go stargazing

fun things for family outings

This next outing activity will require some research to find good locations, but stargazing will be worth it. You may even want to take your family to an actual science or telescope location where astronomers and other professionals will show you and your family which stars to look at. This will be very informative to your children as well, and can even inspire them to have a career in astronomy or something similar.

6. Find a place to make a camp or bonfire, Make a fishing trip or Take a picnic to the beach

You can fuse the following activities together; going fishing, and taking a picnic to the beach. If your beach allows you to fish, then combine the two, if not, take the picnic to a lake instead. My dad and two of his close friends would often take us fishing, and while we waited for the fish to bite, they would cook hot dogs and hamburgers while we had a picnic on the sandy lake. It’s lots of fun, and when the fish finally start to bite, you can either cook them there or take them home.

Plan a road trip with your family as it is also a great way to spend some quality time on the road. Take the necessary camping, fishing and other equipment along and spend a fun time with cooking together, playing together or just reviving the old memories. You may want a comfortable car for such trips which provide comfort, sturdiness and bigger boot space to fit in all the necessary things that you carry. Take the instance of Ford’s SUV cars which come with all the features and meet just well for all the fun things for family outings.

7. Find a zoo or wild animal park

fun things for family outings

Going along with the animal theme, finding a wild animal park or zoo may be one of the more costly family outings on the list, but it will be totally worth it. Kids get super excited when they learn about an animal they never knew about before. It’s as if they’re seeing an alien. Make sure to get tons of pictures, and carry lots of water for hydration.


In conclusion, in this article, we discussed and detailed ten fun things for family outings you can do this week, this month, or this year. Most of them will be fairly inexpensive, and all you will have to pay for will be the gasoline of the car. These activities will create great memories for you and your family and will create a stronger bond. It doesn’t always have to be just for your family, you can invite friends or relatives because you’ve heard the saying “the more the merrier.” We hope you do one of these fun things for family outings soon!

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